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Somatic sex education is a mixture of education and erotic touch. 

I use Tantric and Taoist techniques to teach you more about yourself and your partner(s). We'll also engage in hands-on learning activities and games to help you achieve sexual empowerment.
Do you want to improve stamina and control? Be a better lover? Understand the anatomy of the opposite sex? It's up to you what you want to learn!
                                    Each session is individualized. Choose your own learning adventure:
Ashley Ryan M.S.

Welcome! I'm your naughty professor, a teacher and friend. My goal is to help you live a more pleasure-filled life! I invite you on a joyous path. Focus on achieving sexual satisfaction. Feel more attractive and increase your confidence. Let me guide you on a journey of erotic self-discovery!

Email:  Call or Text: (646) 693-7416 



Need help developing your sexual awareness? I design individualized lessons and hands-on activities to enhance your skills in the areas of physical and emotional intimacy.  Promote happiness by learning how to identify and claim pleasure.

How Can I Best Serve You? 

o   Exploring who I am as an erotic being

o   Expanding possibilities for more passionate relationships 

o  Lessons for Lovers, learning the arts of sacred touch

o   Learning the anatomy of arousal o   Experiencing and learning Tantric techniques

o   Exploring loss or lack of sexual desire – inside or outside of relationship

Somatic Experience

Hands-on learning is a teaching best practice! Experimenting with breath, sound, movement, imagination, and touch build and expand your capacity for pleasure. My healing, body-based methods include a variety of erotic and sensual touch techniques: Tantric, Taoist, and BDSM. Additionally, I'm a Registered Healer with the International Natural Healers Association.

o   Becoming orgasmic, or more orgasmic

o   Learning about or exploring my anus/ anal sex/ prostate massage

o  Exploring erotic possibilities as a transitioning or transgender person, or someone who wants to play with gender

o   Healing sexual abuse or trauma


Many individuals live unsatisfying sex lives because of scars that impact the body and mind. Stress on the nervous system results in unwanted feelings or behaviors. I help you develop somatic mindfulness to harness your sexual energy. Become empowered to create the ideal environment for experiencing more joy from your sexual response cycle.

o   Overcoming common unwanted behaviors (“dysfunction”) like unintentional or early ejaculation or inhibited ejaculation

o   Addressing troublesome turn-ons, including “pornography addiction” or unwanted fantasies

o   Overcoming unwanted feelings: shame,obsessive erotic attachment, jealousy, or loneliness

o Self-pleasuring coaching, expanding my self-pleasuring practice communicating desires

I love helping new clients! I work with individuals of all sexes and couples. My studio is near Union Square in New York, New York. 

Individual Session: $200 for a 60 minute, $300 for a 90 minute 

Couples Session: $300 for a 60 minute, $400 for a 90 minute session

Somatic Sex Ed is a legal profession, so I would love to provide anonymity to clients. But since dangerous people contact me, I can’t do that AND stay safe. I require a professional (work/school) email or picture ID to book a session. 

All information is 100% confidential. 

Cash is preferred; electronic arrangements must be made in advance.

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Screening and Deposit Required. 

Deposit Policy: Deposit is payable via PayPal or Visa gift card (available at any pharmacy).

Cancellation Policy: I kindly request 48+ hour notice in the event you need to cancel or reschedule. If you do not contact me 24 hours prior to our session, you will provide me a $100 missed appointment fee. Failing to pay the will result in BLACKLISTING.

The Naughty Professoris NOT a therapist, masseuse, domme, escort, or sex surrogate! Anything implied or inferred within these pages is not to be taken as an inducement for payment for anything other than educational consulting.

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